Wonderful under and over water world

Impact: 4
Support: 8
Fun: 4
Value: 10
Safety: 10

My trip to Andros was amazing. I will never forget it and I will take a lot of calmness and patience with me home. Alone living on a camp directly at a lonely beach and being able to jump into the water whenever it gets too hot, is wonderful! For me this adventure was completely positive as I enjoyed every dive we did – with Elyssa and Zara I always felt safe- , all the lectures we had –Elyssa is a very competent marine biologist-, spending time with the people here, getting to see a bit of the Bahamian life and the island and simply exploring parts, as tiny as they might be, of the stunning underwater world. I had so much fun learning about all the fish, corals etc. that I even would have loved having more lectures, but I noticed that Elyssa was so busy that it wasn’t possible. Its a whole new way of diving when you actually know all the fish you are surrounded with under water. Sadly we had a lot of problems with our boat and the compressor so we couldnt do as many dives as I expected us to do. Nevertheless it was never boring at the camp as we found other things to do instead. The trips to the blue holes of Andros were fun. One day we learnde more about plants at the Forfar station and we even got to try Termites! The best trip was to the bat caves, what was scary and so much fun at the same time! Afterwards we went snorkeling at wrecks what I really enjoyed too. If you dont expect a high living standard and super delicious food you will have a great time with all the people you meet at the camp. Thanks to cool activities like the Quiz Night or Beach Olympics there will be forming a great community. The longer you stay here the more cool stuff you will do because the number of people decreases. If you are motivated and eager to find out more about marine life and how to help saving it, this project is made for you!

Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would