Incredible Expirience!

Impact: 9
Support: 10
Fun: 7
Value: 10
Safety: 9

The six weeks proved to be both challenging yet stimulating in the content it offered.

As someone who has never dived before, or undertaken such a huge project so far away from home, the initial arrival into camp proved fairly daunting and nerve wracking.

However friendly and helpful staff and a well ran series of dive and conservation practical and theoretical lessons quickly brushed aside any worry that remained and formed the basis of what would be an incredibly insightful and engaging six weeks.

As of leaving, i am now a qualified PADI Advanced Open Water diver and further the skills i have learned to progress into more advanced fields of diving such as wreck and cave. The work of the camp Marine Biologist and her clear enthusiasm for the field has also helped enforce a real interest in marine biology and conservation and huge desire to take a more proactive approach to looking after the incredibly fragile, beautiful and diverse world that lives beneath the waves.

Perhaps the hardest part of leaving camp is the realisation that I now have to leave behind all the incredible volunteers, both new and old, of whom i have worked, lived and dived with over the last six weeks. The friendships formed over the duration of the project have been a pleasure to be part of and i remain confident that they will continue onward into the forseeable future.

Thank you so much to all the hardworking staff and volunteers on camp for making these six weeks so special!

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