Medical Internship in Bangkok

Growth: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Housing: 10
Safety: 10

I just want to start by saying that my 4 weeks here in Bangkok flew by so fast, I did not want to leave! The friendships and interactions that you experience on a trip like this are those that will stay with you forever! Seeing the people of Thailand live their lives was absolutely amazing. The medical Internship definitely left me with more knowledge and it was sweet to see the differences and similarities between here and America in the health care field. The staff was so welcoming and everyday their faces lit uo when we would walk through the door! They always welcomed up with drinks and snacks, very caring and giving! My whole time here I've felt so happy, I can't help but constantly smile! The staff here at volunteering solutions who set up my whole trip did a fantastic job and I would recommend going through this company to anyone! Every day I would get emails from the staff at volsol checking in on me and they still continue to do so even though my program has ended. They honestly made sure my trip was perfect and all of my expectations have been met and I can not thank them enough! This is an amazing program not only to volunteer but to experience life in a new culture, this journey has opened my eyes and has given me a great appreciation, these memories that have been made will stay with me forever and I would not trade that for anything!
Lindsey Cignarale

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