Vivamar Volunteer

Impact: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Value: 10
Safety: 10

I started volunteering for Vivamar in 2015 by reformatting and writing the English design and content of the website. I've worked closely with Darja for almost a year now, and was able to get in on the real action during one of the volunteer trips in May. The location is in one of the most beautiful places, with an apartment with a large terrace and sea-views. Every other day you'll get to head out on the boat for a few hours, watching and learning about dolphins and how to take accurate and reliable data that can later be analyzed and used to protect the very individuals you see feeding and playing in the water. Vivamar and I believe in using knowledge about Earth and its living systems to convey not only facts about the animal kingdom, but the deeper meaning behind how animals and YOU have been and will continue to be influential and connected to each other. It is crucial for people both young and old to see the big picture and, more importantly, feel a part of the big picture; to be aware that they change the world whether they mean to or not. This volunteer trip is fun, SAFE, well planned and managed, and perfect for anyone looking for some adventure and perspective on how to make a real difference!

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