Bahamas July 2016

Impact: 8
Support: 7
Fun: 5
Value: 10
Safety: 7

I came on this trip because wanted to spend the summer diving in a beautiful country and get involved with a marine biology programme that I wouldn’t get anywhere else. I have absolutely loved living in Andros over the past 6 weeks as it has given me the opportunity to not only make great friends from all over the world, but to live on a beautiful white beach and learn and conserve the local eco systems. The lectures Elyssa provided us with were really great as they were really thorough and exciting and she was always available for extra help with the understanding of the fish to those of us who do not study marine biology as a degree. I could really tell she put so much effort into them and it made learning the fish a lot more enjoyable than it could have been. I’d also say that Zara made the running of the camp really fun and up beat as it seems the expedition leader wasn’t available a lot of the time, which almsot all the volunteers found incredbily fustrating and odd. She also took almost every dive during the week days over the time I spent in Andros and was always in a good mood and ready to help even by the time of the last dive of the day. Although I may have written an email expressing my frustration with the facilities here, which still stands true, it has in no way tarnished my experience and time here and I am very sad to be leaving Greenforce and everyone left here. Particular highlights for me visiting the blue holes on Saturday's and all of the incredible diving i managed to do, as well as making really great friends.

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