Hands On is better

Benefits: 8
Support: 10
Fun: 7
Facilities: 8
Safety: 9

Prior to this trip, I had been taking an online course in order to obtain my CERTESL/CERTEFL. Each course was already $500 CAD, and you had to take 6 of them with absolutely no hands on training. So it was either, 2 years of online reading or hands on trip in Thailand.

The hands on approach for the Travelling Teacher was incredibly beneficial, as you are able to refine your skills and practice them with a well educated and caring instructor. I loved my class, they were hilarious.
Now this trip is not necessarily a vacation- there is a purpose to this trip. So a five star resort is not included. But why would you want to stay at a five star resort when you can experience life the way the locals do? I gained a whole new appreciation and respect for how the villagers lived. It wouldn't have been fair if I stayed in a fancy hotel, while my students and fellow teachers are living in modest homes.
Anyways, the trip was an amazing cultural experience as well. We were fortunate enough to participate in Buddha Day with our students and got to visit many temples and learn about their importance. Every night we got to hang out with our guides who taught us Thai, showed us Thai instruments and played games.
Our guides were super accommodating, one of our guides even brought me instant noodles and eggs for the last couple days :P
I really enjoyed all the sites and activities that we participated in, and I would recommend this trip to anyone who isn't afraid to get a little dirty. If you are expecting a fancy hotel, look elsewhere.

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