The Traveling Teacher Review

Benefits: 9
Support: 10
Fun: 6
Facilities: 9
Safety: 10

This past summer before entering my Junior year of college I decided to follow my passions for educating others and traveling by embarking on a 2-week trip to Thailand. This experience was hands down the most life-altering and breathtaking excursion I have had the privilege of experiencing in my lifetime thus far. The staff was exceptional both the American and Thai staff members) and there was always something new to learn, see, or do! There literally were (basically) elephants in our backyard! I 100% recommend Loop Abroad programs, especially the traveling teacher program, to anyone interested in stepping outside your comfort zone and taking in a whole new and incredible culture. One thing I will recommend if you decide t go on this program is to travel to Thailand with an open mind! The hill tribe village in which we stayed, Ban Lao, was more rural than anticipated with cold showers and bugs galore, but honestly I loved every second of it and it make the trip and our group closer/better as a whole! It has been only 2 months since I've retuned from my trip to Chiang Mai and I miss it more and more each day... Am definitely returning to Thailand in the near future and hope to pursue a career Teaching Abroad post-graduation. Thank you loop for the unforgettable experience of a lifetime!

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