Amazing Experience

Impact: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Value: 6
Safety: 10

I would just like to share my volunteer teaching experience with you. The month in Bang Rachan, Sing Buri was absolutely amazing and our hosts Rob and Pooh, made us feel like part of their extended family.
The teachers and students at the local temple school were enthusiastic, welcoming and receptive, making us feel extremely comfortable. The Students are a delight!!
Living with the Thai family in extremely clean and comfortable accommodation allowed us to embrace the true Thai culture and getting to know neighbours and locals in this rural community enabled us to experience many amazing things that are well outside any average Thailand holiday.
As an experienced Thai Restaurant cook, Miss Pooh serves meals that are better than anything I've experienced in top Thai restaurants and the variety was astounding. She is happy to share all her cooking secrets with you.
I could go on for hours about the generosity of our hosts who showed us all the local sights, introduced us to the best eateries and ensured all of our needs and requirements were fulfilled.
Witnessing locals constructing traditional brooms made from palm tree fronds, collecting coconuts and de-husking by the old traditional methods, grating coconut were just some of the many experiences.
One neighbour uses trained squirrels to collect nuts from high in the trees.
The Thai locals, by our standards are extremely poor, however, they are rich in terms of embracing a true sense of family and community.
Anyone contemplating a holiday to Thailand should consider a trip to Bang Rachan which is a couple of hours north of Bangkok and stay with Rob and Pooh. Volunteering at the local school is the bonus.
You will leave Thailand a lot richer for the experience.
I am planning my next trip for the new year !!!

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