Couldn't recommend this program enough!!

Impact: 5
Support: 5
Fun: 5
Value: 5
Safety: 5

I stayed at Altura's during my Spring Break (late March). I flew in to a small local airport and I was shuttled to the sanctuary. From there I met some of the staff, who where all warm and welcoming. The guest house is simple and well stocked (be sure to tell the guest house coordinator of any specific foods you would like). Upon arriving I was given a tour of the house and I was left to set up. This is a good opportunity to walk the sanctuary and get an idea of where everything is. Most of the other volunteers are working, so they won't have much of a chance to give you a tour. During my stay there all the volunteers got along great. It's just a general courtesy to clean up after yourself and I must say, all of us where on the same respect level! The volunteers varied in ages from 19 - mid 40's/50's. It was great being able to see the animals, and even more so, that those animals aren't in a Zoo. The sanctuary workers where all kind, friendly and fun to work with. The hotel staff was also very friendly and welcoming to all volunteers and guests. I can't recommend Alturas enough. It was a great experience working with the animals and being able to visit Dominical and all this quaint town has to offer. Oh! Go to the Tiki mart. It's amazing, so many great local, clean products there!!

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