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Impact: 9
Support: 8
Fun: 9
Value: 6
Safety: 10

I was on this project in july 2016, and I stayed there for three weeks, but you can stay there for longer or shorter. The children are absoloutely lovely, and I think the best part about this project is how personal you get to be with them. When I was there they had six children in the babyhouse (and later on five, one was adopted), so you really get to know every single one of them. The place is beautiful, there are chickens, dogs, a vegetable garden, jungle gyms, but there are always ways to improve and there's always something you can help with. The farm is surrounded with fence, because there are wild animals in the bush around. If you're like me and you are used to being able to go anywhere you like whenever you like, this can be a bit weird. If we left the farm, we had to be in a car. We went to town every now and then; to run some errands, we also drove around the game reserve and saw some wild animals. You also get to do good for the schools in the nearby township. We made some blankets to give to the children, we painted one kindergarden and cleaned it up (it was not looking very nice before), and distribute nutricious porridge to the schools.

I was on another project in Johannesburg (which was also an amazing project with Hero Holidays) before i came to this one, and those two projects are very different! When I was in Johannesburg i got used to meeting a lot of new people every day. On this project you spend most of your days with the people who live and work on the farm, and ofcourse the children you take care of.

Overall it was a good experience, I learned a lot and I made memories that I will always keep in my heart!

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