the beauty of Andavadaoka

Impact: 6
Support: 8
Fun: 8
Value: 8
Safety: 9

In the field of Andavadaoka, the experience to be with the fishermans and seing them working are so amazing. They are sociable, simple and are conscientious of the importance of the sea. the first reason is that the villager depend totally of fishery. A wonderful traditonnal activity in the field is the pirogue race that we've got the chance to participate. In the other case, they have sometimes somes difficulties, the probem of luck of fishing equipement, or during the strong storm some them became homeless.
The best moment during this expedition was the diving activities, in that case i've got the chance to se a few shoal of dolphins for the first time, to see some big gorgonian and sponge, differents kind of fishs. A very beautifull biodiversity, favorits my time was to relax on the beautiful white sand of the beach. the expedition was an opportunities to meet some wonderfull and unforgettable friends

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