Build Abroad - Peru - Unforgettable experience

Impact: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 9
Value: 10
Safety: 10

This was my first experience doing a solo trip abroad, let alone with a Construction Volunteering Organization. I was really happy to join Build Abroad because they are a company driven by architecture graduates like myself. Many months later, because of this beautiful experience, I've decided to tailor my career towards a similar humanitarian cause.

We worked on a kindergarten that was located up on the one of mountain sides of Cusco. Because of its remote location and steep terrain ( 350 steep steps to climb every day), we all had a great daily workout and were also taught to learn how to effectively use the bus system. This was so helpful for the remainder of everyone's trip. Our on site construction manager, Marco, was an amazing guy who truly knew the ins and outs of construction in his region. He was very patient with his volunteers, despite the language barriers and even brought the volunteers to play soccer and have a few beers with his buddies (shh, we don't talk about the beers. haha)

The volunteers were a mix of people from all over the world. These people were all fantastic; out for the same adventures, laughing, joking, sharing experiences, etc. Never will I forget the friends I made over there. As for the Organization, everyone made you feel at home and at ease. Any questions or complications; they were there to help. They would also come on site and visit your home stay once in a while just to see how things were. Super kind, helpful and interesting people.

Home Stay:
I lived with this very kind and artistic lady and her small dog. It was such a unique experience living with a local because you got to experience their cooking first hand, which in her case was a spin off of italian with peruvian. (So goodd) And also got to discuss about various Peruvian events and learn from the locals their favorite places to visit around the city. I met her family for dinner, and being a Canadian, they streamed a hockey game for me! I was delighted :)

Cusco is simply astounding. It can't be compared to any other place I've been. It's historically rich, has amenities for all interests be it extreme sports, adventure, hiking, relaxing... And with a slight sense of adventure, you can visit the most beautiful sites in the sacred valley. Furthermore, the food. Oh the food... It is more than unique, but very very delicious. Finding a small local restaurant that serves Menu del Dia is a key way to save your coins and eat like a king.

I recommend this trip to anyone and would do anything to be back there myself. Regardless of your knowledge of construction, there's something in it for everyone. You're guaranteed to walk out with a smile and the feeling of having accomplished positive change.

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