Go For It

Housing: 5
Support: 5
Fun: 5
Value: 5
Safety: 5

Living a year in the Netherlands as an au pair was life changing. Dutch life is so fun and relaxed, and the au pair communities within cities are so much fun. The Netherlands is an ideal place to experience Europe from as well. Because of the location, I was able to visit over thirteen other European countries, like Germany, France, and the UK. Plus, the Netherlands itself is pretty incredible- it's bikes and tulip fields and canals are pretty unforgettable. And the major cities always have something fun to do. My Dutch host family was kind, and their children were lovely as well. If you'd like, you can read more about my personal experiences on my blog-- jessicajwolfe.blogspot.com (all the posts from 2015 are about my year there).

Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
Year Completed