Border issues

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A story not many have heard about or even experienced.
My very first minutes after I arrived at San Pedro Sula International Airport after a very long and exhausting flight from the other part of the world were full of enthusiasm as well as anxiety! Miles away from where I meant to be in less than 12 hours a place full of adventures and cool stuff, I was stuck at the very last stage of leaving the airport. The border control had some kind of an issue regarding my passport/nationality. So they had to do their routine check, of course, without providing me with any details on whatsoever. Therefore, I had to wait for more than 40 long minutes which were the longest forty minutes in my whole life! As I am sure most of us hate to wait, just imagine how nervous I was while being in this clueless position...
However, at the end everything was good. Obviously, I wasn't a criminal smuggling anything into their beautiful, lush country. But a young backpacker ready to enter the virgin cloud forest of Cusuco National Park as soon as possible.

P.S. Tip when travelling to a non-English speaking country is that you make sure you know at least the basic, essentials of the language of the country you are visiting.

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