Indonesian adventures - an in-depth review

Impact: 8
Support: 9
Fun: 8
Value: 10
Safety: 8

I went to Indonesia with Opwall as an undergrad research assistant for 8 weeks: 2 weeks on Kabaena looking for insects, 2 weeks on Buton helping with biodiversity surveys and looking for insects, and 4 week diving on Hoga and looking for insects. As you can see, I am an entomology student, and my primary interest was finding as many strange invertebrates as I could, which was especially important because I was the only one significantly interested in doing so. (As a result, I am/was possibly the world's expert on the terrestrial invertebrate diversity of Kabaena island - which is not saying much, really) Opwall mainly served as a means for me to explore tropical biodiversity uninhibited (for the first time) and expose myself to foreign places and ways of doing things, which I say was a success. Everything was a fascinating new experience! Especially being able to learn to dive in the coral reefs there.

I seem to have constructed a very long review (I discuss each of the rating items (Impact, Support, etc.) in detail), so to save space on this webpage and spare your scrollbar, I have uploaded the rest of it to Dropbox as a .txt file:…

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