Honduras: more than the bad press

Impact: 4
Support: 5
Fun: 4
Value: 5
Safety: 5

When I first arrived in Honduras, the streets lined with armed guards were just as I had imagined due to the news articles I had read prior to my trip. However, once I looked past this, I embraced the rich culture of Honduras and gained experiences like no other. When I ventured into the cloud forest I was immersed by this alien territory which was as beautiful every morning I woke up as the first time I saw it. The wide range of activities set out for us was often overwhelming and tiring but it ensured that the no 2 days were the same and each were as good as the last. When we left the cloudforest, we went to Roatan, a carribean island off the coast of Honduras. It was here that I learned to scuba dive - something that I have kept up and taken a huge interest in since returning from the trip. The location was breathtaking and inbetween dives you could easily go snorkelling on the mesoamerican coral reef as it is so large, it was on one of these snorkelling trips that I found 2 loggerhead turtles swimming with each other as well as seeing a barracuda and an octopus - a trully magical experience. My experience in Honduras has provided me with a burning desire to travel and explore.

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