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When I decided I wanted to teach abroad, I had no idea how to go about it. I had just graduated from college and it was first time going into the work force so finding placement let alone obtaining a work visa had me feeling overwhelmed. The study abroad coordinator at my university recommended CIEE to me and I am all the grateful for it. CIEE gave me the support that I needed to be able to accomplish my teach abroad goals as well as secure me a teaching position in China. The main highlight of my experience with CIEE was the preparation they gave before my trip. This goes from offering two detailed orientations: An online as well as a live one. Best of all, CIEE also offers comprehensive TEFL training so lack of teaching experience should not be a cause of discouragement. A major plus for the CIEE tefl course is that for online course it is hands-on as well. Like your typical online Course, it is broken down into modules: each divided into sections in which require you to do quizzes, write essays as well as take tests. Each module separated over the course of a week. Students are each divided into groups that are each headed by a an experienced tefl teacher who serves as the groups mentor with whom the students meet with once a week so as to ask questions and discuss each weeks module. What sets apart CIEE’s tefl from other courses and what makes it truly hands-on is that each student is required to to complete a a twenty-hour internship period in which the student may choose to observe tefl classes, shadow an ESL teacher or conduct classes of there own. Most other tefl courses only offer online modules and since teaching is a hands-on job, no matter how well the material is explained all of it is useless unless you step into a classroom and put the theory to the test. CIEE gave me that push I needed to be able to take the first step to becoming a teacher which greatly reduced the stress of my first days of teaching in China. Even though living in a foreign country comes with many challenges and can feel overwhelming CIEE’s support system will help you pull through any tough situation. The coordinator for the teach in China program, Kelvin is extremely helpful and easy to talk to. He can help you resolve any issues that occur with your school, while helping you get accustomed to life and Chine while securing you a good placement. CIEE was the ship that helped me sail the world and I recommend you let them be the same for you because in the tough seas of the world no one else sails smoother.

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