My amazing Indonesian dissertation experience - an unforgettable trip!

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I recently visited Hoga, Indonesia for the second time this year, but this time as a dissertation student. I've always been passionate about tropical marine ecology so I knew I had to get involved in some way with my dissertation, as I would love a career in this field. I had already had an amazing trip prior to my summer visit, so I knew I was only going to enjoy it even more.

From crystal clear waters with vast numbers of fish to the exciting, intriguing slope of the Sampela reef, this place will never be forgotten. I had multiple encounters with larger animals such as turtles, Napoleon wrasse and dolphins which I will remember forever. The seagrass beds and mangroves make for a more surreal experience, as I had never snorkelled around habitats like this before

6 weeks collecting data on fish communities and benthic structure on Hoga has vastly improved my reef surveying skills as well as my SCUBA diving skills. I feel like a research programme here will put give you the right experience as a step towards a career in marine science. All of the staff on the island were amazing and made every effort to make everyone feel comfortable and happy, even when we were having difficult days away from home or regarding our projects. We never hesitated to approach anyone, including other volunteers and the social atmosphere was one of the best aspects of my trip! My supervisors, both field and university, were exceptionally helpful and gave tips and pointers as to guide me through my project, which I am currently writing up.

I am definitely looking at going back to one of Operation Wallacea's sites for a 3rd time, perhaps this time as a Divemaster as I have heard these trips are just as great.
Thanks OpWall!

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