An extra mile,suprise.... to tears of joy!!

Impact: 8
Support: 8
Fun: 9
Value: 8
Safety: 8

While working on Nadia's house. Marcia,Cathy and Bonnie brought the maternal side of the observation that the family did not have the basic household materials. It was heart-breaking. There was a small and very old stove, there was no shower and the kitchen tap needed replacement. When I looked around; just at the corner of Nadia's house I saw a public tap water point where those without taps came to fetch water and take a bath.

On the way back the team agreed to contribute from their pockets and procure plumbing material, kitchen utensils,a folding mattress and a new stove!! The team was going an extra mile and we agreed that the presents should be a surprise to Nadia and the family on our last Friday at the project site. The team split. John,Gab and I shopped for the plumbing material. I did not know so much detail was needed for the measurements and John was really great. Meanwhile the other team shopped for the other kitchen and bedding presents which were latter wrapped in beautiful packs and boxes.
The last Friday came and we did our last chores.Finally we sat down on the newly made top floor in Nadia's house and presented the gifts. I saw big smiles from the team and Nadia and her husband could not believe it. Their faces expressed it all and it was such a heart warming moment. When we finally left and hugged them goodbye I saw tears of joy in their eyes and I felt my eyes shedding tears too!! 'This is a connection' I cried to myself.

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