Poor service

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Housing: 1
Safety: 1

Leave Ur Mark is an extemely unprofessional organisation that's trying to get as much money as possible. The service I received before I left for India was meek. No help with the Visa whatsoever, basic information you can google in a second and no further advice on what flights to book, what medication to bring etc. As soon as I transferred the first payment to them I had to wait days for them to answer. Basically they lose interest in you after they've won you for one of their programs. After I arrived in India I found out that my internship is not at the place they promised it would be but rather a one hour bus journey from my location away. Moreover they promised that there would be a lovely community of interns but when I arrived was literally not a single other intern. Due to this dishonesty I decided to quit the internship. Their reaction to that was highly unprofessional and confirmed the bad impression I had gotten over the past weeks. They'll lie to you about the circumstances and think it's okay to do so. I wasted money on a bad (non-existent) service. Keep your money and volunteer for an organisation that doesn't ask you to pay them money so YOU can do FREE work for them

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