Esto no es un adiós Perú

Growth: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 9
Housing: 9
Safety: 10

Summer 2016 was full of many new and exciting adventures for me. I was fortunate enough to travel abroad to Peru for four weeks with the program Experiment in International Living. I joined a group of 14 other diverse students and two amazing group leaders from all over the US as we explored, observed, and learned the history and culture of several parts of Peru. During this time, we stayed in numerous hotels and hostels along with spending two weeks with a local homestay family in Trujillo. We saw many ancient ruins, museums, performances of traditional dances, played with children, painted a soup kitchen, hiked Machu Picchu and many many more places and things. I could tell the planning of these activities were quite thought out as everything when smoothly throughout the trip despite the ‘Peruvian time’ our tour guides were on. My group leaders were very open and welcomed each member of our group allowing us to feel very comfortable. Within 3 days of being with my group, I felt like I had known them for a month. From students arriving late to the airport to homesickness they handled each situation with ease and grace. Traveling to Peru meant a lot to me as I love attending summer programs and traveling, so being able to combine them was really awesome. As one of my group leaders would say "there is beauty in everyone and everything" and I was able to really learn and embrace that statement. I was also able to improve my Spanish as well as my confidence in speaking and asking for help when I did not understand something. Overall, I learned a lot about myself and developed an eagerness for new adventures. I learned to go with the flow, work with a new team, and just have fun. Coming back to the US, I have embraced the little things and have been utilizing everything I learned. I have a new perspective and sense of openness. I loved my trip to Peru and would definitely do it again in a heartbeat. I highly recommend Peru and any other Experiment programs!

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