AUS, MTR program (master in mechatronics prog.)

Academics: 8
Support: 10
Fun: 9
Housing: 9
Safety: 9

Compared to universities in middle east, AUS is one of the best. I took 7 courses, 4 of them were helpful, but the remaining were not. The core courses are:
-Modeling and simulation (was very helpful, only the modeling part were we get to know Lagrange..)
-Advanced Control (with Dr.rached dhaouadi, he is the best who can teach you this course)
-Advanced Math. (it was a revision for differential equations and Laplace..)
also not to forget : embedded systems, though this course was the same as the bachelor level because some students come from a mechanical background.

The core courses were good, but the elective courses, not all of them was. Because the department does not offer the interesting courses like machine vision and robotics and autonomous systems every year. In fact during my stay these courses never got offered.

Adaptive control was a very helpful course with Dr shayok who is totally into control.
Advanced Manufacturing processes: this course is totally not helpful, it was useless unfortunately.

Research: they fund research better than other universities around the region, but this funding is not enough. Research topics are limited but you can come up with a topic, the professors won't reject.

Mechatronics lab and equipment: the lab is not good (again if you compare it with universities like for instance Jordan university of science and technology where I took mu bachelor, you will find the lab good) .
It is missing many components, the university doesn't care much about the lab, old computers, no mobile robots that are ready to use and so on..
If you need equipment they can buy it for you, but you will have to wait (up to one semester) which is bad becuase normally you wouldn't have that time

Dorms the housing: very good

Would you recommend this program?
No, I would not
Year Completed