MidDay Newspaper Intern

Growth: 4
Support: 10
Fun: 5
Housing: 5
Safety: 10

Leave UR Mark allowed me to live with my friend from Bangalore. My friend's family provided me with shelter, food and transportation. Leave UR Mark was very particular about the safety of the family/the location of their house in proximity to the MidDay office before I went abroad.

Leave UR Mark provided 2 in-city organizers. Usually, they would meet the intern at the airport, but my friend's family picked me up. The organizers met with me the day after arriving and filled me in on what to see and do in Bangalore. They also met with me periodically with the other interns in the program so that we all felt like we had someone to talk to/hang out with.

Interning at MidDay was an okay experience. The office did not give me a useful orientation before I started working on news stories. There was a disconnect there.

The positive points of my internship included walking around the city alone (you really get a sense of a foreign city) and certain events that happened while I was there (a death of a journalist).

Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would