Environmental Conservation in Rio de Janiero

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I spent this past summer volunteering in the Tijuca National Park Rainforest in Rio de Janiero, Brazil. I was originally interested in this specific forest because it is the largest urban rainforest in the world! I am studying Environmental Sustainability at The Ohio State University and really wanted to get a hands on experience with resource conservation in a such a diverse area! I am so thankful for this experience as it definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone but I was able to make some lifelong friendships and learn a ton about the natural ecosystem that exists in a global city! I worked a different site in the forest every day (4 days per week) and was not only fully immersed in the natural environment, but also was able to help care for it through invasive species removal and tree planting. I would definitely recommend this experience for anyone who likes being outdoors, even if you do not have any prior experience studying the environment. The National park staff are incredibly friendly and helpful and my host family was absolutely amazing. Rio de Janeiro is the perfect combination of a city that's culture can be explored through nature, art, food, and music!

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