A Wonderful Experience in India

Growth: 10
Support: 9
Fun: 8
Housing: 9
Safety: 7

It was a really wonderful experience when I was in India for one month.I made a lot of Indian friends, ate a lot of delicious Indian food, and traveled to a lot of wonderful places.
The apartment I lived in India was very nice. A caretaker cleaned my room every day. I could always get some Indian breakfast and lunch. But actually, I haven’t spent a lot of time in the apartment because I spent a lot of time with my Indian friends. They were my students when I taught English in YWCA. I was not confident about my English, but the girls’ innocent eyes and bright smiles touched my heart. We talked, connected, and exchanged thoughts and ideas. I found that they were ambitious and had a lot of thoughts and ideas about their lives. So I encouraged them to insist on their dreams and never give up. They are nice girls, just like most Indians. They invited me to their houses to have dinners. Their parents and other family members were also very hospitable. I not only tried a lot of local snacks, but also traveled to a lot of beautiful spots because they recommended me many beautiful places.
I really enjoyed the time I spent with girls, and the time I worked with kids made me understand the meaning of life. I spent about three weeks with kids. I disputed milk and food, played with them, and helped them clean every day. Sometimes they were very naughty, but sometimes they gave me unexpected surprises: they put a leaf or a feather in my hand as a gift; they gave me their toys; and they kissed my head tenderly……I was so happy and excited with kids every day; they made my heart soft and warm. They don’t know what’s good and bad; they are pure and natural. I hope they grow up happily and healthily.
I didn’t meet a lot of cultural shock in India, instead of some interesting cultural habits. My Indian friends taught me how to use hand to have dinner; I saw cows walk in the street freely and even the crowded traffic cannot disturb them. Every family has their own beliefs, and they believe in their Gods very firmly. There are hundreds of Gods in India, and my friends have told me some of their legends, like cobra God or the God with an elephant face…… The stories are so mysterious, and I think it’s really interesting to know about them. Everything is fine in India except traffic, and I was afraid to cross the road, because all cars, autos, motorcycles are very fast. I learned one skill in India: bargain with auto men. I not only had to tell the auto man go by meter, but also tell him please go fast or he would choose a longer distance for charging more money.
Anyway, it was an unforgettable experience for me. I like Indian people, Indian culture, and Indian food. I will definitely recommend to my friend because it will give you a beautiful and unforgettable memory.

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Yes, I would