Ups and down with the best support

Housing: 9
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Value: 9
Safety: 9

I was in Sydney for over then 10 month. i was traveling around cairns, goldcoast, south and west coast and it was beautiful. The travel desk in the office helped me a lot with the panning the trip and it made it really uncomplicated and we was able to enjoy the hole time from our holiday! I had a great trip and saw amazing things.
I was living the hole time in sydeny and I often needed a job. Especially at the beginning, because my English was not really good. The girls done really the best to help me and found me mutiple jobs witch was just fun and good money! Over work and travel I got jobs at a bar in Lunapark, on a party boat, in different wear houses and much more! They also support you with essential tips and tricks for work or just for the life general speaking. Especially Aimee helped me a lot with my life there, because of family problems back at my home country, she was just like a big sister to me. I needed someone to help me from some situation were you normaly just want to be at home. But work and travel make u feel they are there for you in every situation, it's not just a community - it's a big family! They are doing so much more for you then they have to do. Thanks a lot for the great support and for so much fun - I will never forget this amazing time and you guys!

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