From a Parent's Perspective

Program Selection: 10
Pre-departure Help: 10
In-program Support: 10
Impact on Student: 10
Value: 10

Last summer my seventeen year old daughter went with Global Leadership Adventures to Fiji. I was not very thrilled about the idea of my daughter going halfway across the world. After researching the program and speaking with a member of GLA I was more open to the idea. Immediately upon her arrival she was able to call and check in and GLA was very good about keeping parents updated with the well being of their children. Everyday there was a post about what the kids did and how they were doing. It really is like the Peace Corps for teenagers. When I picked my daughter up from the airport I realized that my little girl had grown up from this program. Her brother is very excited to jump into the program as soon as he can. I am much more relaxed about him going on the trip now knowing what an incredible and safe program it is. I am extremely proud of my daughter and all the hard work that she did in Fiji. She will take this incredible experience with her for the rest of her life.

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