Internship in japan 2017

Growth: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Housing: 9
Safety: 10

Upon coming to Japan, I had never worked in a business type setting that I knew I was going to be working for, so I had no expectations. First off, ICC's help was tremendously appreciated & needed. From the very start, everything was explained through a skype interview (not a stressful interview, but like a "getting to know you & the company" sort of interview) anyways, they helped me with every stage of the process, from choosing my preferred job, to practice interview questions and accommodation.

Landing in Japan, I was actually quite nervous. I have travelled to Japan over 25 countries alone before & have never felt this nervous before. I then met the team whom I had been seeing in my skype interviews, face to face, which was nice, they then explained about the work culture, home culture and expected standards in Japan & a lot of that nervous feeling went away.

I had 2 days to settle into my new home, which ICC recommended me to a company that has a bunch of share homes throughout Japan & Korea. I then started work on Monday. As all things new, it was a little daunting. But, I soon got used to my position & what I was doing there seemed so familiar in the end that I didn't want to leave. At the start of the internship I was always going to my supervisors (2) for jobs to complete, however by the end of my internship, I was working with everyone on small & big jobs and really felt like part of the team.

Post- Internship, I'm glad I did it, I'm glad I went outside of my comfort zone and took this chance. I have now made friends from all over the world & I believe that having this experience has prepared me in finding a future job after I complete my university degree.

A couple of tips would be to familiarize yourself with your new home & work place, I frequently went for walks & was constantly finding things, places & shops I wouldn't have known about otherwise, also this may come in handy if you get lost or run out of battery power on your phone.

Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
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