Explore to Understand

Housing: 9
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Value: 10
Safety: 10

Heading into Kivu I was lost. I had no direction, no real faith, and negligible understanding. I was enthralled for college; or paramountly the party scene. It is a massive understatement that Kivu changed my life. I decided to enroll subsequent graduation of High school which ensued to possibly become the best decision I may ever make.
First Semester I was living in Denver with eight other students; the time shared and bonds formed became nothing short of amazing. The material covered in classes and at the dinner table was beyond necessary for the growth I yearned for and needed to become the man I am today. Furthermore the space allotted for adventuring throughout the city for fun while finding places to spend time processing, creating or reading was pleasant. The support and accessibility of Kivu staff was truly exceptional domestic and overseas; Luke, Josh, Emily, Andy, Greg, Millie ext. were always a phone call away if not in my presence.
In the Middle East I verily felt just as safe if not more than I did in my hometown or first semester. The hospitable culture is so far unmatched in my book along with the people we were coalesced with that even furthered my intrinsic feel and adore to ignite friendships.
Africa was the hardest but possibly the most valuable overseas destination. Rewiring a typical American - task oriented, productive - mindset was challenging. The idea of simply being was enticing, however increasingly difficult to assume. After time in a "being" and relations oriented culture I grew to understand and accept it.
After experiencing so many people - turned life long friends -, cultures, histories, religions, oppressive systems, foods and social constructs and thought processes I am now exponentially more understanding of myself, my God and the people of this earth. That will never be eradicated from my memory until my eyes lay for a final rest, unlike some lectures and reading assignments that will inevitably be forgotten the moment the class is dismissed or the book closed.

Furthermore, I would be more than happy to answer any questions or talk interested parties though any road blocks or apprehensions! "Everyman dies, but not everyman really lives" - William Wallace

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