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Traversing through Cuba was a completely unique, one-of-a-kind experience. Although much of the world has a more negative preconceived notion of this country, going and seeing it yourself is an experience one cannot take for granted. A few of my favorite experiences occurred in the more rustic-style areas like Lomas de Banao and Charco Azul, where we participated in ecological activities such as reforestation and farming. Besides the community service, Rustic does a terrific job of having a jam-packed itinerary chock full of incredible experiences that just can't be replicated anywhere else in the world. Ziplining and visiting the waterfall, Cascada de Bella, were both highlights of the trip. Also, the friends I made on these trips are people I will forever cherish and hold dear to my heart. These are lifelong experiences you share with them and you form a unique bond with these people over the trip. After my experiences in one Rustic Programs in the Dominican Republic, I couldn't wait to sign up for a brand new adventure in Cuba, a place few people ever get to see, especially Americans. To all prospective participants, don't miss out on these once in a lifetime experiences, these are moments and adventures that can never be replicated and Rustic does a particularly commendable job of making it a safe, exhilarating, and meaningful stay, no matter the country. I'm already trying to sign up for next year and this summers' programs haven't even ended yet! The memories I have made in my past Rustic programs have made me into the person I am today and have given a new outlook on life, as I have gained a newfound sense of appreciation for the little things. Coming from a very materialistic Western lifestyle, I was so happy to take a break from that and see how a huge portion of the world truly lives and what I take for granted every day, be it clean, running water, or a guarantee of food on the table every night, we take these things for granted that other parts of the world are not close to being guaranteed. Rustic Pathways is an incredible program that has indisputably changed my outlook on life for the better.

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