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I did the Business Program

Going to Costa Rica for 4 weeks through Projects Abroad was without a doubt the best decision I have made thus far. I'm currently 21, still in college, and it was my first time traveling out of the country (and alone). As the day was approaching to leave home I was honestly getting really nervous. But the second I stepped into my home-stay and my house mom approached me I felt instantly at home. Costa Rica is in general a really relaxed and friendly country (the rumors are true), so everyone is always willing to lend a helping hand to foreigners; the Projects Abroad team is no exception. They really went above and beyond to make every volunteer feel comfortable and right at home. They would even put you at ease if you felt home sick or worried. From taking you out to breakfast on your first day, to giving you a map of the city, hosting volunteer events so everyone could get to know each other, and helping you plan out fun weekend trips. Within a week I genuinely felt like I had been friends with them for years. My only regret was not saving enough money to stay longer.

The families you stay with are complete angels. My house mom felt like a second mom considering how caring and generous she was. She introduced me to neighboring families and volunteers who I stay friends with till this day. She was also extremely accommodating to any volunteers she had who didn't speak spanish. She would talk really slow and make sure you learned spanish at a speed that was comfortable for you. I met a girl from Ohio who would only communicate through writing on a phone app, yet by her lat week she was speaking full sentences.

When working I helped out 2 local businesses in Heredia; a cool burger shack that doubled as an art gallery, and a man who was trying to kick-start his Jade jewelry business ( if you end up going the restaurant is called La Galleria and their burgers are to kill for). The work I did for both businesses was really interactive and not at all boring. I was helping them solve real life problems. I put all that I learned in my marketing classes to use and had a great time doing it. The businesses also really want for volunteers to help them grow and reach as many people. They want a different perspective so they graciously welcome opinions, advice, and all sorts of unique ideas.

I could honestly go on for hours on why Projects Abroad is so ideal and worthwhile. But long story short If you're looking for an affordable immersive volunteer program, with staff/families willing to support you 24/7, and the perk of meeting amazing young people from all over the world--- then this is your program.

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