Amazing cultural and beautiful

Housing: 10
Support: 6
Fun: 10
Value: 9
Safety: 6

I loved ultimate bali for all those things listed in the itinerary. I've done ultimate Thailand and Vietnam too and overall impressed with the company. I'm happy the trip went on despite the airport closing etc I was just a lucky one who managed to still get into bali. Was shocked the tour guide is not with us for the majority, with her having to travel (usually around at least two hours away) from each of our accommodation I felt so bad for her and am used to having at least one guide with us at all times with other tours. She stayed with us at the gili islands and for one night in ubud/cangu but other than that wasn't around at night. The idea of paying for a guided tour is I expect the tour guide to be with us- nonetheless we are all adults and we were capable of looking after ourselves I was just shocked we did end up on our own a lot. Moving on to Aggy our tour guide she was amazing. So so lovely and chatty and had so much to teach us about her country. I will for sure visit bali again and will make sure I see her too. She was fantastic and a great guide- she made it her aim to ensure I could eat at each restaurant and made each restaurant aware (more than once) of my new recent allergies. I'm grateful for Aggy and her beautiful warm heart and caring nature. Overall bali/gili was fab!! Thank you

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