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I’m really grateful that I was able to participate in the 7-day adventure with Outward Bound! It was especially challenging for me because I have a physically disability that limits me to certain activities or it takes me twice as long to complete an activity. I’m even more grateful that Outward Bound allowed to me to participate in such a life changing course! I was able to push myself further than I have before! I traveled to Costa Rica alone with only knowing names, not the person. I made so many great connections! Diego and Molly were great leaders and were there to guide everyone in the right direction! This course has taught me to think more about the environment including the rainforest and appreciate what I have! It has also taught me even when I think I can’t do something, I can. For example, on the first day of the hike, we were hiking downhill. I started to get blisters on my toes, and I didn’t think I was going to be able to complete the second hike back up the steep hill. I was terrified! But, the climb back to the top was great! I was able to push myself and keep going! Thank you, Outward Bound!

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