As Saucy as it Gets!

Value: 10
Fun: 9
Staff: 8
Safety: 10
Organization: 9

Went to the 2017 La Tomatina and what a great experience. Stoke has a big campsite full of activities, people and good times. I met over 100 people as we partied, discovered and threw tomatoes at each other in the Valencian province. These are the kind of unique cultural events that just aren't the same if you don't do them in a group full of people looking to do the same thing. Stoke made it that once in a lifetime feeling of happiness and discovery. The food was great, accomodation decent, but to be honest you don't really go there to sleep. There's always something going on. Cheers to the great people working there, absolute legends.

Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
Year Completed