A summer that words can never do justice

Growth: 10
Support: 9
Fun: 9
Housing: 8
Safety: 9

Traveling to another country all by yourself the scariest thing at first, but trust me it's not. Going to Fiji this summer was the single best thing that could have happen to me. I learned so much things about myself that I never could have imagined. When being put in so many situations that put me out of my comfort zone challenged me and also helped me grow for the better. You wouldn't believe the friends you make and how quickly you all come to be family. Being with these people for three weeks straight while sharing so many memories is so touching, I never wanted to leave them. We spent most of our trip on the island of Naviti, there we stayed at a small resort and traveled by boat to the village. When going into the village we were welcomed with open arms by the locals, constantly playing with the young kids and enjoying the delicious food the women graciously made for us. Volunteer work ranged from teaching english, to helping build rain water tanks, and preserving marine wildlife. Although the work was the most rewarding, adventures of the island were just as breath taking. We would climb the volcanic terrain as well as swam along the reef and jumped off the dive tower into the crystal blue water. There was never a dull moment there, especially with such friendly staff who loved to play volleyball with us. If you are considering going on a service trip I would forever recommend it, even if you don't know anyone cuz we are all in the same boat there. I couldn't imagine anyone not having the time of their life on this trip, it truly was extraordinary.

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