Pran'e Siddi Landscape Project

Academics: 10
Support: 9
Fun: 10
Housing: 9
Safety: 3

Dr. Emily Holt and Davide Shirru were very on top of their timings and having everything ready to go. They were both welcoming, easy to ask questions to, and extremely knowledgable. The work was challenging but rewarding, and very much what I expected. The both also knew the local area well and were well connected to the local town. They made sure we were included in parts of the local customs such as festivals. Those who worked with us on meals were friendly and tried their best to make our time enjoyable. The food was very fresh and plentiful. The location was very hot, but hydration was not an issue and Dr. Holt worked to keep us out of the sun. Bathrooms were easy to use and I appreciated that we could do laundry on site. There was very little working wifi, which made it difficult to keep up with friends and family back home regularly. I enjoyed seeing other parts of the Sardinian landscape and the different beaches in the area. I greatly enjoyed this IFR Field Pran'e Siddi Landscape Project.

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