Olivia's Teen trip to Guatemala

Program Selection: 10
Pre-departure Help: 10
In-program Support: 10
Impact on Student: 10
Value: 10

For anyone who is considering doing a TEEN Volunteer Program I would HIGHLY recommend Global Leadership Adventures Guatemala trip, My daughter expressed interest in going on this trip at the age of 14 and as a parent I was nervous. I did my due diligence and there was no reason to stop her from going. The safety, support and communication from the Global Leadership Adventures staff to the hosting and staff in the US and Guatemala were very comforting to parents and our teens. Had anxiety of sending my child to another country as an unaccompanied minor and it turns out, she loved it, was safe and had no problems with travel. Not to mention she enjoy this trip so much because of the wonderful staff at GLA, the outstanding service programs, and relationships she built with children in Guatemala. My daughter loved the program so much she's off to Thailand in June 2018. So if you are considering going on a Global Leadership Adventure Program join the facebook groups and ask questions to teens and parents that have sent their kids on the programs. It's like joining a big family. Everyone is so helpful and supportive. Get onto GLA webinars they help answer so many questions.

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