We had a terrible guide, but the trip was great!

Housing: 5
Support: 1
Fun: 5
Value: 4
Safety: 5

The itinerary was pretty good, we had a fun group, but our guide was terrible. Excluding the guide for a minute, the activities were great, the surf lesson was good even for those who have surfed a few times already, the accommodation they put you in up until Gili T was incredible!! On Gili T we were in a party hostel for three nights, the first night we enjoyed the pool party and we loved having a pool outside our dorm room. Although, my boyfriend and I were extremely sick of being in a party hostel by the end, we should have been moved to a quieter hostel, those who wanted to party every night could have still done so as the hostel had open doors to anyone. The welcome dinner was the best meal I had on my entire trip.

Now our guide... While snorkelling she was standing on the coral with her flippers tearing apart the already dying coral, and was touching the turtles for her instagram photos. She was only there for her own holiday, she was absolutely zero help when we had any questions. She didn't spend a minute more with us than she had to, I also found it interesting that our guide and the guide in training under her got their own private room on the second floor away from the noise at our party hostel, while my boyfriend and I shared with strangers and got to be beside the speakers of the party every night. Not that we don't dorm it up while we are travelling, but if the guides don't want to put up with it I find it interesting that we should.

Long story short, our trip would have been greatly improved had we been given a different guide, the highlights of the trip were when we asked locals our questions and found amazing things to do or things to eat.

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Definitely do not hire the same guide again. She went by Aggy