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Written by Michaela

I'm an avid Beatles fan who get excited at the slight whiff of a meatball, so I knew this would be a great program for me.

Go Underseas provided me with a magical 1-month experience underseas in a yellow submarine (yes, it was actually a yellow submarine). While the 5am wakeup call is tough, the day was jam packed with exciting activities. I really enjoyed my eggs breakfast accompanied by The Breakfast Club theme song playing in the background (I appreciate a good ode to John Hughes). Underwriting was a good time to settle down and prep for the day. I usually wrote about meatball subs. The turkey sub was great (although I would have preferred tuna 2x a day).

The staff were kind and helpful, as well! They were always willing to help me and my good buddy Joenny. The team manager, Anna was extremely organized and helpful. Mr. Dunkle, the submarine driver, operated the sub with ease which made us feel safe. The course leader, Tucker was full of energy and ideas, and our Captain Mitch did regular check-ins to see how we were doing. The only thing missing from the trip was my good friend Val who chose to go on the Space Cruiser trip instead. We really went in opposite directions on this one, huh?!

Overall, Go Underseas was an amazing program with amazing people. Everyone should try it out!

What would you improve about this program?
These people rock. They really do! I can't think of anything I would improve.
Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
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