A mum's perspective

Program Selection: 10
Pre-departure Help: 10
In-program Support: 10
Impact on Student: 10
Value: 10

My son has just returned from 4 months in Kenya with AV. He has had an amazing time and loved every minute. He has fully involved himself in village life and made many friends and memories that will stay with him forever. The accomodation was basic but in a compound with a family who became friends as well as hosts.I never felt worried about safety as the people were very welcoming friendly and pleased to see them. They managed to cook together quite easily visiting the local market each day and also being invited to teachers and locals house to eat. The school he worked in were welcoming and supportive and by the end he was teaching almost a full time table ( and dont worry if they have no traching experience as they helped him in) The school were very grateful to have him there and part of the money he paid
To AV went towards new gates and a wal. Iin fact if you ask him his favourite part of the whole trip it was being in school every day. From start to finish I felt he was supported by the staff at AV without taking away any independence. Their staff member Charles who worked in Kenya became a friend to the group and organised a doctors visit when tonsillitis hit and helped the group sort their onward free travel( even inviting them to his family home in Mount Kenya ).
My main concern was the free travel month but Charles guided them as to where and where not to travel and they had an amazing time in Zanzibar Tanzania and on safari. I cannot recommend the whole experience highly enough and it was worth every penny we raised. AV have far exceeded my expectations and i would have no hesitation in using the company again. Thank you

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