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Impact: 10
Support: 9
Fun: 10
Value: 10
Safety: 10

If you are willing to take part and share the workload, you will be welcomed as part of the team. Whatever your skills are, BV will find a place for you. Perfect for conservation or international development interns! I highly doubt that there is a more rewarding experience elsewhere for the money, length of time, location and culture. One of the great perks is the option to stay in the home of local people, where you really begin to grasp the local vezo culture. The food is amazing. The more time you take to spend with local people, the better the experience in my opinion. You'll find yourself trying to find a way to return to Andava!

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I would love to join your team in another capacity now that NYC masters degree has been completed. Is there a place where you think my skills could be of most use? Thank you!