Good for your first big overseas travel

Housing: 9
Support: 6
Fun: 6
Value: 4
Safety: 10

I wanted to travel with an agency, because it was my first big overseas travel. And for my first travel experience it was nice to have somebody "in your back", but you definitely do not necessarily need it. I found a job through work and travel company a
very quickly, which was nice and comfortable, but a lot of hostels (especially in syndey) offer you something like a job desk or travel desk. Moreover it was nice to have like an australian adress, which you can quote whenever its required. And you can store your luggage as long as you like. But everytime i was in a work and travel office, and i was looking for travel advise, i always felt like they desperately wanted to sell some tour to me (doesnt matter if it was the best or cheapest option for me). I paid for the service of the work and travel company in advance and i felt like they still want to get more profit out of me (while i just wanted an honest advice about my opportunitys, even if thats means i am gonna buy a cheaper tour or whatever). So this was kinda disappointing. All in all i had a great time in australia with work and travel company and i am happy i chose them for my first travel experience, but the next time im gonna travel all on my own (good planning is the point)!

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