Cynthia Sandoval

Academics: 10
Support: 9
Fun: 9
Housing: 10
Safety: 8

My experience in Madrid, Spain was truly amazing. I miss it still and it’s been almost 3 years. I miss the culture, the metros and my host family. I really got close to them and they not only helped me navigate the huge city but they also helped with school work and treated me like one of their own. I loved traveling the county because everything was so close! It was all so beautiful I have countless memories with new and old friends. While I loved not driving and taking the metro, I didn’t feel safe all the time—mostly because of thieves (pickpocketing). But my host family and teachers did teach us a few tips and tricks to prevent that from happening. Going to Madrid was not only a fun experience in my life but a much needed one. Growing up in a small town I thought this was it, I’m comfortable here that’s it. I didn’t believe I can live on my own let alone in another country. But I did it. Not alone though. I had help from the USAC program that walked me through step by step and I had an amazing teacher in Madrid that made it all worth it. I’m a native Spanish speaker but my classes in Madrid are the hardest A’s I’ve ever worked for. He really made us learn the material and apply it to every day life and not just learn it for the test. I miss my life in Madrid, but I love my memories. I’d love to make more if I got the chance to go overseas again.

Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
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