Value: 10
Fun: 10
Staff: 10
Safety: 10
Organization: 10

Words can't begin to cover what an absolutely phenomenal experience I've had on this trip. I came away with two of my closest friends and have left with a whole family! The itinery which covers the main highlights in Vietnam was fantastic. In such a small amount of time I was able to experience the true Vietnamese culture and explore some of the most vibrant cities in Vietnam. It was a perfect mix of culture, adventure and of course nightlife. What's Vietnam without a few shots of rice wine hey! Cycling through the stunning Ninh Bihn, kayaking through beautiful Halong Bay, catching a catfish with my bare hands (Bear Grylls eat your heart out) and crawling through war tunnels were just some of the fantastic experiences I encountered. Of course none of this would of been what it was without the fantastic people I met (best friends 4eva) and of course our lovely tour guide Faye. Having been on a few tours in the past with different companies I can honestly say that Faye has been my favourite guide out of everyone. She was friendly, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and made every experience so much fun. Her passion for Vietnam really shone through during the tour. The way in which she became so excited and passionate during every explanation or experience we had, made her a truly amazing tour guide. If you want a true Vietnamese experience I highly urge you to book onto his tour. Intro travel provide such fantastic intineries and it's down to Faye that I have booked another one. Faye you have made this experience unforgettable and I truly hope you are our guide in Sri Lanka! Bring on the next tour. Mot, Hai, Ba, YOOOO!

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