Best experience of my life

Academics: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Housing: 10
Safety: 10

When I went to Barcelona I didn’t know no Spanish and I was real shy. After spending 3 months overseas in Barcelona I evolved as a person both mentally and spiritually. Even though, the program was dealing with school and taking classes the program made it so the whole city was our classroom. We had numerous field trips to different places around Barcelona, Spain. We went to museums , different businesses, etc. the staff was so helpful with helping us find different resources and traditioning into the culture of Barcelona. We had the chance to even go to Africa through the program. I believe the most helpful thing to be aware of is money spending and having food. If you stay in a home stay your home stay mom makes the meals but if you’re in a apartment you have to make your own food. We went all around Spain on different trips it was truly amazing. The impacted my life after the program by making me more talkative and helping with jumping out my comfort zone. I loved being in Barcelona and being able to travel to different places. I would give anything to go back overseas. My favorite memory is when I went to Amsterdam and ended up getting lost. It was the best experience because I used my resources and asked for help and was able to find my way to the hostel. I believe everyone should have the chance to study abroad and see the world.

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