EdGE Internship in Oaxaca, Mexico

Growth: 10
Support: 8
Fun: 10
Housing: 6
Safety: 7

As an Omprakash EdGE intern, I spent six months in Oaxaca, Mexico after completing a six week training course. The Spanish skills, level of personal confidence, and appreciation for Oaxacan culture and its differences with my own American culture I have gained over this time with Omprakash have revolutionized my perspective on a huge variety of things and left me with deep gratitude for the experience. The pre-departure preparatory course is fascinating and engaging while still being at a self-determined pace. The mentor system is super helpful for dealing with problems that come up (especially culture shock) and making a valuable friend. The capstone project to complete while doing the volunteer work is a great challenge and a great reason to have to talk to people you normally might not. For me, the most important part of what Omprakash gives to the intern is the freedom to choose from a wide variety volunteer positions. For that reason, details about living arrangements and the time spent at the host organization are not too helpful. However, Omprakash vets all of the partner organizations to make sure they fit the goal of the EdGE program and in my instance, it was very clearly a good option for me. Furthermore, with regular calls to my Omprakash mentor I never felt like I was ever too far from support. In my opinion, Omprakash should be a household name, it's a fantastic institution.

Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
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