Madrid USAC

Academics: 8
Support: 8
Fun: 7
Housing: 5
Safety: 8

I did enjoy the opportunities that were available to me such as my involvement as a blog writer for two posts for my program, as well as the local I met through USAC’s group activity of bowling. She was super nice in not only helping as my tutor for my academic classes but she reached out to me to explore the city together getting a bite to eat, spontaneously catching an outside art exhibit on our way to going to a museum. There are such a range of artistic and cultural activities to do here from all the museums, the El Rastro Market, the different plazas, restaurants, el cine, the jazz clubs, parks, and the bowling center inside the metro! Even though my Service Learning Course requires a lot of outside hours from class time and a higher grasp of the language it was a nice way to give back and learn how the city responds in their initiatives of social justice and I made a new friend from Argentina. So my program’s go to bar to eat for really cheap and have a big glass of sangria was El Tigre for only 5 euros. It also always seemed like they had rebajas: sales going on in their stores so anyone interested in European Fashion can get some good finds especially in Sol. I really think my Spanish improved from where I started with but definitely should have followed what my entrance exam said to do track 2 Spanish instead of 3 I reallly struggled with my grades until midway I decided to transition to 2. But favorite part overall was learning about myself of taking initiative in learning about a new city being away from home becoming a bit more independent, courageous, and curious about the world around me.

Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
Year Completed