One of my best experiences in these 16 years

Growth: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 9
Housing: 10
Safety: 9

Doing this program I was able to visit South Korea, a country which I had been admiring for about a year. It was in my opinion a very complete program, I had enough time to learn korean and visit different places in the Seoul city (by myself or with friends and also within the program’s schedule).

As for the places visited within the program’s schedule all of them were interested and there were both modern places (as MBC World, Lotte Amusement Park) and historical and cultural destines (like the gyeongbokgung palace, a theatre where we say a musical play, etc.).

As for the language teaching, the classes where really good and varied, there was a lot of vocabulary since it was an intensive language session, and the classes were fun.

The teacher’s and program staff are really nice and intensely welling to help. Doesn’t matter how many questions you ask, they would answer and helo you politely.

Tips: Since the program is done on summer, the temperature in Korea is pretty hot, so it’s better if you take comfortable and cool clothes.
It is a really safe country, so there’s no need to be afraid.
For transportation, busses and subways are the most used, so if there is any issue with these methods, it is preferred that you communicate that to the program so that they find a way to help.
Most food in Korea is spicy, so if you can’t eat spicy foods, make sure to say that to your host family in advance (for home cooked meals) and always ask to waiters in restaurants to bring you non-spicy foods.

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I genuinely loved this program, and was incredibly thankful specially for Sophie Chen's help, she was incredibly kind to us even after we saturated her email with questions. My only suggestions would be to maybe include a winter option (if you find it suitable) and (if possible) looking for ways to make the program more affordable so that people repeat it. (In my case, if it wasn't such a big investment, I would go again). Thank you for all!