Mi Encanta Barcelona

Growth: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Housing: 9
Safety: 10

CIS Abroad provided me with the opportunity to go overseas post-undergrad. I graduated from Texas A&M University in December 2015 with a Bachelor's degree in Anthropology and English minor. I had been working full-time for almost a year after I graduated college but felt stifled and unfulfilled. I was in the process of applying to law school and sensed I needed to truly isolate myself in order to determine if I was making the best decision for my future. I've always wanted to learn Spanish and felt the only way to do so would be to immerse myself in the culture. I've always had an affinity for Barcelona and had traveled there in the past so CIS Abroad was a dream come true. I received an internship tailored towards my unique interests and skills. I always had a passion for fashion and was afforded to opportunity complete a fashion marketing internship where I gained invaluable insight into the start-up community in Barcelona. As an intern at Lumumba Fashion Company I Collaborated with marketing and design team to develop content strategy aligned with marketing targets; created and published engaging content and edited and improved other writers’ content; and conducted research to assist clients with product branding and differentiating. I am currently a second year law student at Pepperdine University and I know that my internship experience has contributed to my success and versatility in the legal profession.
I was also afforded the opportunity to take Spanish courses that were instrumental helping me learn the language. I loved the classroom atmosphere and the commitment to my success.
Most importantly I met the most amazing group of people through the CIS Abroad program. I formed a family with strangers and explored Barcelona and beyond. Every day was a new adventure and I truly thank God for such an amazing experience.

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