A Life-changer!

Growth: 9
Support: 10
Fun: 9
Housing: 7
Safety: 8

Enrolling with Global Leadership Adventures in India was the best three weeks I have ever experienced. It was packed with physical endurance, leadership sessions, teamwork, the committment to serve and help a community and lots of sightseeing. I made many friends across the globe and arrived home feeling enlightened and held new perspectives on the world.

In the first week, we hiked an enduring 12km from Dharamsala to Kareri Village, a small village located in the picture-esque Himalayas. The views were stunning and beautiful, seeing Himalayan mountains and little houses scattered across. Throughout the first week, we all were immersed in different community-service activities during each day: the physical labour of building a house, planting rice paddles, working in a children's day-care centre, and many more! Drinking Chai tea was delicious and replenishing, and we also ate a good vegetarian diet that consisted of: rice, chapati and lentils. Not to add we sampled the monsoon rain season, as it poured hard and made many huddle together in our tents, but was all good fun of the experience.

The second week was great fun too, as we helped assist The Mountain Cleaners, an NGO, whereby we learnt the environmental issues that India faces, and taught that to students and children. It was a gratifying, humbling experience when we were taught in great depth of what it means to be a leader, and learnt about the struggle of Tibetan independence.

Overall, the program was very safe and secure, and the Program Directors made sure we called our families when we arrived at the airport and plenty more times throughout the entire duration of the program. I became very attached to the place and the people, and it taught me the qualities of leadership, independence and happiness.

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